Northern Lights


As I was going to bed last night I caught a glimpse of some lights in the sky.. And finally, after one month I was able catch the northern lights. 

These were mostly green and blue lights coming out from the forest.

The coyotes started howling (and lasted the whole duration), the geese and ducks were “squarking?” All the frogs and bugs joined in too. It’s like these lights had a magic pull on all the wildlife around. I even heard deep howls – a wolf perhaps?? 

Very moving and very impressive. Shows you just how beautiful nature can get. Can’t help getting a little teary-eyed.

No photo to share as didn’t really want to break the moment by snapping photos and very doubtful that they would do justice to the actual reality. I’m a big photo fan, but sometimes, we just need to remember the moment in our hearts.

I was told the story behind them, at least the northern Saskatchewan version.

‘When the wives of men die and their souls go to the skies, sometimes they miss their husbands and want them to know that they’re watching over them. So they dance in the sky. And the colours of the northern lights are the clothes from their dresses swaying as they dance. Different colours show the speed of their dancing, red is fast, orange in the middle and green and blue are slow movements.’

Nice tale.

The first (and only other) time I saw the Northern Lights was on a plane from Calgary to London. I had the horrible aisle seat but the lovely couple next to me told me to swap seats so I could look outside, and low and behold, somewhere over Greenland… I was watching the Northern Lights from an airplane. These were red and purple, and moved very very fast. Guess the wives were dancing the salsa.

Another very beautiful, moving moment.

I realize that these are just high-energy atoms in electrons causing the light and what-not. But there’s nothing wrong with believing the tales and stories making them even that little bit more magical.

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