Been travelling a while, can’t quite get everything together in the normal world so just continue living around the world, meeting people, learning skills and making memories… Some good and some bad but glad to have them all. Love languages and writing so in my 7th year of living a modern and quite comfortable nomadic life I have finally decided to attempt a blog. Share my experiences and hopefully give a little advice and maybe even a few giggles as I attempt to be a mature and modern independent woman with a very clumsy, raw and naive perspective

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  1. Henry Lewis says:

    Love your photos. Just a note–they’re very slow loading with my developing world internet connection which is normally okay except for streaming video. Don’t know if other readers are having the same problem. Enjoy your travels!

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    1. lanlake says:

      Thanks for letting me know 🙂 I’ll ask around to see if it affects others.


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