Last Saskatchewan weeks photo diary 

Busy days and quiet nights… Full time hard work at the ranch whilst relaxing in the evenings. Slowly getting used to the night sounds (mainly silence) and appreciating the solitude. 

I have already been away for one week and the memories are fading… But hopefully these photos help sum it all up.

My jobs varied from picking more rocks to staining the deck (very Canadian I thought) raking leaves around the cabins and still trying to tag that dang calf (another one arrived on the Friday evening which was a more successful event) as far as I know first calf is still hiding in the forests somewhere tag free.

Spending the days in the fields with the lack of colleagues and desks will be missed (although I am just going to a different farm so hopefully that won’t change much).

As for the food, the homemade, self made bread, muffins and buns will be missed as well as sitting on the deck enjoying a glass of local cherry choke wine whilst eating homemade organic off-the-ranch burgers. I don’t always appreciate the food I eat but this experience has certainly helped me understand the importance of knowing where my food comes from and what it actually is.

I can’t stop missing these guys… Two beautiful and intelligent dogs who accompanied me on the fields and at night listening to the lake life. Clumsy and boisterous but loveable all the same.

It made such a difference to the experience and the feeling of safety as they did their rounds walking the land keeping the Bears at bay. I think.

And it’s just funny how quickly we all become attached to each other.

Friday night… My last official work day and having the bbq and wine post calf chasing and tagging only to enjoy a relaxing night canoe trip with my colleague. Very calming and very peaceful. It can get quite rediculously overwhelming out there and just so damn beautiful. 

“When you are with Mother Nature, you are never alone” not sure who’s quote that is – but it felt very true that evening.

The cattle, the people, the cabins and my personal relationship with Mother Nature. I feel very lucky to have found this place and work with it. 

I look forward to seeing what the next farm holds for me.

But I feel like I came to Canada and grabbed the ‘bull’ by the horns in the deep end of the lake (and whatever else poetically can be thrown in there) and came out of my first experience a little grubby, a little more muscle-y and with a lot more appreciation of how the land works. 

Oddly enough – now that it’s been a week – I find myself trying to go back to those moments of complete solitude and quiet whilst I read my Longmire book before sleep. Just to feel calm and at peace.

I bet I end up feeling all wierd in civilization again.

Oh – and on my last night – the Northern Lights came to play again. 

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