A three-week photo diary

It’s already been three weeks out here and I only have two left before my three day drive to Ontario so it’s time for a photo essay.

My first week was very intense with snow and new places, new people.

Leaving Saskatoon City to a more northern community before heading out to the ranch. Population getting more and more sparse.


First week on the farm proving very interesting during the daytime. Making friends with the two dogs and working my way around my are environment and lodgings.

My big toe nail injury on the first day immediately slowing me down (I’d put a photo of my blue toenail – which, three weeks later if not black – but it ain’t pretty).

And finally the famous saskatchewan sun shining through!! It makes everything so much easier. Inspired a banjo song or two. Days spent trail trimming and evenings spent banjo picking on the deck.

Spent a lovely weekend learning to bake bread and goodies before going out to North Battleford to buy my lovely blue pick-up truck. Getting all the details of country life in place 😉

Wolfie is getting attached and so am I!


Third week was the dreaded rock picking.. pretty tough on the body but am proud to have a couple of guns to show off this summer!

(accompanied by the dogs)

LOVE IT! Look forward to next week!

Just need to feel better when the sun goes down… but it’ll happen… it’ll happen.

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