My fears for humankind grow as the panic spreads…

I’m worried about the way people will treat each other.

In Canada, I have already heard comments about the virus arriving in Africa ‘well… maybe it’ll get rid of the weak?’

I have heard about a fight breaking out in Australia over the last toilet roll in a supermarket… really? A fight people?!

Everyone is going into panic mode.

The world ‘Pandemic’ has been circling for 2 months now, and only yesterday the WHO officially declared a global pandemic… to late buddy, as soon as that word comes out – it’s already been set into motion.

Fuelled by selfish and manipulative news articles, journalists looking for a promotion, these people are the very base of all this panic – yet they dare comment on an Infodemic? You caused this. Don’t later blame the poor humans for overreacting! We are overreacting from your words! Your cleverly and purposefully worded texts! 

For example, an article from the BBC has claimed ‘Worst case scenario is that 80% of the UK will be infected’ – hmm, chose some good language there, didn’t you? Do you have any idea how many people will simply read ‘80% of the UK will get infected, definitely, without a doubt, it’s written in the stars’?

I reread this to someone, who immediately looked panicked and said ‘wow, 80% will become infected?’. My point precisely. 

CBC Canada dared to quote ‘another Chinese national has brought the coronavirus with them to Canada’ – you couldn’t have used another way to describe that? 

And you show surprise when people start showing aggression towards the Chinese??

My friend who lives in the UK, is Taiwanese and 8.5 months pregnant was walking to the post office last week, when some man started following her, whispering ‘VIRUS, VIRUS’… 

How is this good, in any way?

People are looking to blame; people have a lot of fear – and when people are afraid – their really ugly side comes out.

And with the media manipulating everyone’s direction of thought, using fear to control… because when we feel fear – we look for advice in any way possible to create a ‘false’ sense of security… I just see it all getting much, much worse. 

This media controlling society through fear is something that has gone on since news reporting became an industry – don’t lie to yourselves – this is a fact. Usually it doesn’t cause too much trouble (although that in itself is another argument) but this – this ‘pandemic’ where people are rushing to fill their cupboards with food, toilet paper, hand sanitizer (where did it all go?) is creating a dangerous world.

Will people help each other out? Or will they just focus inwardly, on themselves, their provisions, their hand wash, their bed in the hospital (even if someone needs it more).

I’m worried this phase in humanity will become the beginning of the end of ‘helping thy neighbour’.

Are people fundamentally bad? Perhaps not. But faced with a threat – people get desperate. 

Granted, I have spent the last few years living in a society, where even smiling and waving at a child because they can’t stop staring at your vehicle gets a dirty look from the parent – really? Am I not allowed to fucking wave at a child anymore? I call Bullshit.

Where’s the trust?

I am already desperate to find evidence of the good, the trusting, the content and the kind and now we have a huge world pandemic which is, because of these abhorrent pushers of extremely misgiving information (the NEWS) we are going down… if we are not careful we will bully, take, abuse each other in order to ‘survive’… even though survival is not necessarily the threat here – just the spreading.

And who’s to say people will actually take care not to help spread the disease? These are the same people who don’t want you to be able to wipe your ass after a shit because they believe that their own ass and their own shit takes priority. 

Will they really take extra steps to stay in if they have a fever? Or will they really stay away from the hospital to avoid spreading the virus to others if they feel short of breath?

Nah, they will circle back into panic mode – and prioritise themselves.

Where I’ve been living the last few years – people actually goto the emergency department of a hospital – for a cold! 3 years ago, I had to wait for someone sniffing with a runny nose to be seen in emergency – whilst my own appendix was bursting. 

Where is the proof that this type of behaviour won’t continue throughout the pandemic?

It’s sad but true. 

My only bright light was an article I read from a quarantined small town in the north of Italy – where the local community helped each other out.

That’s nice.

And the fact that soldiers get PTSD after they’ve been in a war zone – it proves that humans feel emotion when there is pain and suffering of others – if they didn’t get affected by all that turmoil from a warzone – all hope of humanity would be gone. 

So maybe humans can be good, can support others, can dare-I-say put others before them. 

I fucking hope so.

Otherwise – we are all utterly and very irrevocably – fucked. Not to quote Mark Manson.

This is a warning. 

Please be kind to those around you. Or those far away, too.

Don’t judge or dislike someone because of where they are from, or their appearance. That’s just uneducated and immoral. 

Don’t think that only you matter – everyone matters – exactly the same (apart from murderers or rapists – they’re just bad – hmmm, then there’s narcissists too). 

Okay – don’t think that only you matter – others matter too. Give people a chance – don’t distrust or abuse without knowing the facts first. 

Share your wealth – even if it’s just a roll of the recycled toilet paper – cause that’s all they had left.

Think of good examples of others – those nurses and doctors who made their way to the centre of the Ebola crisis – because they simply wanted to help – those people – wow.

People who donate shit loads of money to charities – secretly. But actually secretly. Because all they want to do is help and they know they can.

Political leaders before they had power – fuck – even Mao Zedong had a sincere desire to help the unfairness of this society in the beginning. 

People who keep going despite the odds – Terry Fox who attempted to run across Canada for cancer research. He kept going until he couldn’t. Died on the road.

Even the girl at the museum bag holding place – who let’s you leave it there for free even though you should pay $1 – yet you had no cash.

Your friend who calls you every day just to check in – because they know you’re having a rough time.

Those who die saving others. Decent.

Philosophers and psychologists who spend their lives trying to figure out humans, society and how to make things better for everyone to reduce suffering.

People who admit they’ve been wrong. And apologise sincerely. Oh, I like those.

People who cut all their hair off to make a wig for chemo patients. 

There are even lawyers out there – who got into law – just to try and make a difference. Hats off to you.

A parent who loves you on the behalf of both, so you don’t grow up feeling dysfunctional.

I would love to have more examples. 

To inspire us. 

To bring us back into the right direction.

To motivate us not to be panicked, afraid, weak and selfish.

But to become strong, courageous, inclusive, and kind. 

Let’s help each other through this. Let’s be good to each other.

Help your neighbour, check in on your friends (virtually if you’re worried about any spreading), educate others, be a good example, don’t take all the toilet paper or rice. You won’t need it. 

Better yet – go into your stock and give away some of the excess. 

We don’ t have to go in the direction we’re headed…

We can take control again. Please.

For humanity, for the individual who needs help.

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