To Try and Try again?

Oh dear… I write with my tail hanging between my legs (not a euphemism!) post another ski night…

What a bad day – happy to say that I now have a new experience to add to my ‘life file’… Crying and skiing simultaneously.

You can imagine the sight, a girl snow plowing verrrry slowly down a green ski trail whilst many ‘SuperCoolSkiDudes’ go very fast either side of her. I occasionally stopped, trying to figure out the least steep place, but to be honest under those conditions even the bunny hill looked hard.

It was -19 outside and the hills were ice. Okay, still ski-able but, for a beginner who was just gaining green trail confidence – they were a nightmare.

At one point I fell, it was a slow movement where I knew I had lost control of my legs and slowly allowed my butt to hit the ground and eventually due to the sheer weight of my poor cold ice, I slowed to a stop. The fun was not over, as whilst all these SuperCoolSkiDudes were speeding every which way, I was trying to balance on one leg whilst not losing my skis and finding a bit of piste flat enough so it all didn’t go down again. Eventually, I was back on the skis and even slower this time (if at all possible – lets stay stop and starting) made my way down.

I stupidly still went up another 2 times before calling it quits.

But when do you stop? When do you give up? You dont want to ruin the good feelings from the last time nor do you want to feel like a failure.

To me, failing is not trying, rather than trying and doing it wrong. At least I tried.

But should I go again? I spent the entire evening vowing never to ski again, it happened 15 years ago and well, it’s happening again – I can’t fight it.

Or can I?

Here is a quote from a very special TV series/novel of mine. “Longmire” (those of you who know me personally have heard me mention it *clears throat* once or twice..

To his colleague who (for the second time may have accidentally played a part in a co-workers demise) says “And you just keep making the same mistakes over and over again”.

He answers “Maybe…Maybe the point is to keep trying. Maybe getting it right just one time is good enough” Walt Longmire.

There are so many times in life where this happens to us all, with things far bigger than a bad night of skiing. When we move abroad, in our relationships and even our friendships, finding a new career, a failed exam or even having a bad colleague or a bully in school. When do we give up? When do you throw in the towel and stop trying?

One of my favourite quotes since I came across it last winter whilst sitting at home in England, having booked my flight to Saskatchewan and being extremely nervous that my next adventure was a little too ‘far-fetched’

But what if I fall?   Darling, what if you fly?

I dunno, I jusssssst love it.

Booking that friggin’ flight out there was one of the best decisions I ever made.

So there – doubt. Pfffft. Take that.

So I guess there’s not much of an objective to this blog entry, just had a tough night and wanted to express myself. Hoping to remain positive and that it was a little set back but it’s not going to put a stop to my potentially new sport.

(Or anything else in life depending on our situations).

And maybe sharing my little hiccup helps someone else who’s had a little hiccup and they feel a little stronger having read this and try just that one more time…

This picture at the ski-lodge made me smile.

Not relevant to tonight but maybe in the long haul 😉


I feel I should add a side note –

I’m all good with the ProjectNoNewClothes – have restrained on buying any items of Cloth. Go me (and it’s been easy – so far)… I’ve had more money to spend on skiing and yoga 🙂

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