Thirty and thriving?

En fin… It is my 30th birthday today. I feel like a post is in need. 

Although I don’t have too much to say about turning 30… it’s just another number after all… but it does seem to be a ‘milestone’ birthday. 

Gone are the twenties – seemingly the adventure years, the freedom years and the years to make all the mistakes and learn from them. Ha. 

A little downtown Ottawa (from my lunchtime walks)

For some reason I do not see less mistakes being made and less adventures being had. I hopefully have learned from previous mistakes and now that I am a grown and mature 30 year old – I shall not repeat them. But, let’s be realistic. 

As for the adventures – I hope to simply have more of them! Perhaps not running naked through Kenya or binge drinking with locals in the Viet cong – but create new experiences, feel alive, feel love, feel the awe of this planet and even a little scared. That, my friends, will not change.

Of the things I would like to ‘mature on’ – taking a stand. Now that I am thirty and in full adult flare-I hope that I can say ‘no’ when I feel discomfort or unfairness. If someone tells me that I ‘should’ do this instead of that or ‘better’ go this direction – I’ll say No. With a capital N. 

One of my biggest flaws in life has been to disagree or say no to others. I have fought with this for a long time,  but now that I have lived on this planet for 30 FULL years. I can wear my mature adult gear and not take ‘shit from no-one’. I do feel it has a lot to do with half of my culture being British as we like to please and avoid confrontation but now, again, as I’m a 30 year old – I’ll embrace my French side and say ‘Non’ with pride and a backbone.

I’ll report back on how I do with that.

The reason I chose the cover photo of my feet looking over Georgian Bay up near Sudbury is because, if turning 30 means anything, it’s ‘is this where I saw myself being’… it’s all reaching goals and whether or not we’re on the right path, etc.etc.

Well – my goals are not huge and to be honest, I’m not one to plan much (if anything). I get an idea in my head, usually of a country to live in or language/skill to learn and I don’t stop until reach it.

Living in Canada was a big plan for me. I’d attempted this work visa a few times and even tried to move to Canada last year (wait out in Calgary for my visa) but there’s only so much waiting you can do before you have to find work and go home. This year, the dream (Visa) came true. And here I am.

The photo was a copy cat of the same one I took two summers ago when I had to leave Canada since no visa had been provided. I didn’t want to leave, but knew I had no choice. So I went to Georgian Bay and said goodbye to this beautiful country and that photo became my iPad background until I finally returned.

Naturally, going back to Sudbury and hiking the same hike – I took another shot. 

The reason I’m blabbering on about this foot selfie pic – is that, If 30 is about ‘is this where I see myself’ then, YES. Working as a teacher and living in the Canadian countryside, YES-this is where I want to be!!!! (At 30) of course, any age is fine too. But, I’m just thankful that my Canadian visa arrived after many shaky moments and that I can celebrate the 30 birthday in Canada.

A little side note – I have a handful of friends out here who are great. Having said that, on these particular life events, one does tend to miss family and friends back home (or wherever I met them). I’m lucky that I’ve had messages and phone calls – and even some great videos too and through this I feel that they are closer to me, but, I do miss a few that I’d give almost anything to see. 

*Sniff* let’s move on…

I’d like to just finish up with a bunch of picturesque photos of Ontario this month. As I’m thankful (yet again) to have been there and witnessed it all. 

Northern Ontario – train lines, lakes, rocks and trees! Oh my!❤️🇨🇦❤️

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  1. Caroline says:

    It’s great to read you Natasha. I’m proud of what you are…If the word proud makes sense….I love your pics and it’s great to know how you feel. I’m glad you’ve made real friends there.
    Thinking of you and your crazy mind…always. ..besitos de Cádiz. ..


    1. lanlake says:

      Merci ma belle. Ça m’a fait plaisir que tu puisses me suivre. Je pense à toi souvent aussi et comment tu vas en Espagne. Je t’envoie un gros gros bisous x


  2. saarilein says:

    God i love to read your blog.. I feel like you do and i miss you and Canada already.. Beautiful.. And the storys about turning 30..i felt similar.. But actually i feel like that right now and i am over 30..but still searching ..i hope you found what you are looking for.. Maybe you did already..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lanlake says:

      Thanks Sarah 🙂 I think we are always forever searching but the trick is to enjoy it all (and have small hopes) miss you too! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

    2. lanlake says:

      And it’s great that you feel like this right now, it doesn’t have to be at a particular time in life, just anytime can be a milestone moment

      Liked by 1 person

  3. mcdaft says:

    Meimei… just hthinking I should get out to Chikanishing myself 😉 Ni juède ma? Beautiful pics, as usual. Thoughtful words too! Thanks for taking the time to let us all in on your adventures💃🏻 With you is far better than without you… Happy birthday ma belle!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lanlake says:

      Thanks dear – go for it 🙂 and enjoy yourself!


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