Two weeks into Horticulture

The dream has begun, the fingernails are dirty and the muscles are sore…

For two weeks now I have been working full time in a landscaping role, going to different properties throughout the day and spring cleaning-up gardens.

Mostly, there has been some hard-scaping as well since a new vineyard is opening nearby and we are creating the patio, garden-area from scratch.

Lots of shovelling mud, wheel barrow-ing stone dust along with pea stone was done in the first week, with bursts of rain and dampness, mud and shivering. It had to be done. I do think I was thrown in the deep end of this new industry but nevertheless, I try not to complain. It was nice to see the development.

As well as hard-scaping, we began spring garden clean-ups, mostly pruning rose bushes, hydrangeas and ornamental grasses but also tidying up leaves and pulling out weeds.

I look forward to more progression as the spring turns into summer and gardens go from dormant to buding to full bloom. Oh! the colours!!

The scenery has been beautiful and everytime I drive over the Queensway (and not drive onto it) I smile and stick my middle finger up – no more 45 minute commute!

I work with a team of 5/6 people, depending on certain days, and we all mostly get on. I don’t use this place to complain about others so I won’t get into detail, one person has an aggressive – I don’t want to get too close to them – aura but, everyday we must learn to adapt and deal with others so I have googled ways around certain issues and I find simply replying “Oh really?” Enough times suits them (and I – for now). My own plan is to just work hard and be proud of the effort, and if the big boss notices, even better! 😉

It’s funny, looking forward to something for so so long and finally getting into the thick of it to be disappointed by the behaviour of one colleague shouldn’t matter so! And yet, I find it does. But it is all new, everyone is new and the dust will ‘literally’ settle. Keeping positive and focusing on the reasons I got into this industry in the first place helps and keeps the warm happy feeling flowing. Learning I am an INFJ helps too, researching your personality type and behaviour makes it easier to understand your reaction to things.

I try to learn all new vocabulary and strategies as I go alone, jotting it all down in my notepad at the end of the day. Bone meal helps roots grow, Bird Nest Norway Spruce doesn’t like to pruned, Barberry’s like only a little pruning, peonies bloom little more than a week and rose bushes hurt! I’m still studying plants and trees at home, which I find a lot of fun.

 Having said that – the other day I did ask my boss where I should plant the ‘Saydahh’ tree, to being responded with ‘I’m sorry?’ Oh I mean the (seeha) Cedar tree. Ahem.

Moving swiftly on.

Must learn these damn plants phonetically before saying them out-loud.

One location was even a labrador breeding place – swoooooon.

Unfortunately I have missed work for two days due to a health issue, there is word of Anemia from various people’s mouths which worries me a little but, it could be worse (a lot worse). So now I wait for my Ontario Health Insurance Card before I can book a blood test. Hopefully, I will feel stronger by tomorrow and can return to work before OHIP and blood tests take place (those could take a while). Ah, the joys of moving to a new country and getting onto the health program. Pfffft.

One thing I really don’t like is being unwell… I know this is the same for everyone but I often try to build a wall of self-sufficiency and survival – combat mode of fearlessness etc etc. Blah blah.  Which – when I have some sort of illness, it all completely crumbles and I feel sorry for myself, get frustrated with myself and miss my mother. The world becomes a much more difficult place. Guilt of letting coworkers down and guilt of doing nothing sets in – and all you want is to feel her warmth and safety.

But then – you get better and you pick yourself up for another day.

As for my garden, my herbs are growing slowly but surely, my tomatoes and kale plants are getting bigger each day, even my oriental poppies have shown signs of life!

It’s nice caring about your work, the quality of your work, feeling the wind dry the sweat around your armpits and enjoying every moment of it, laughing at your weird tan lines when you get home, feeling fresh and sleeping well after a hard day.

More to come I’m sure…

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  1. saarilein says:

    what? already 2 weeks? wow.. and it sounds tough.. but amazing as well.. I am jealous.. I miss that..enjoy as long as you can..

    Liked by 1 person

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