La dernière semaine  

As the title states, this is my last week on the farm in Ottawa Valley.

I definitely feel sad about leaving. This summer has been amazing. I’ve learnt a lot, grown stronger physically and mentally (remember those dark Saskatchewan nights!?)

I’m a little confused as I don’t want to return to ‘urban life’ . I prefer it out here, the values, the challenges, and especially the rewards.

Such a great feeling to be able to cook an entire meal with your own produce. From seed to table. 

As someone who never appreciated this – another life lesson has been learned.

I have found myself a job in a well known yoga clothes store in a mall. Very un-farm- like but I need a salary and a routine so let’s see how that all goes.

And for now, a place to live in a small village about 30 minutes outside of Ottawa.

I’m hoping to still be in touch with my farm family and not stray too far from the ‘herd’.

Lettuce remain positive!

I’m sure something will turnip!

My office and colleagues

Having a little odd fun in the meat room.


Obviously celebrated the The Tragically Hip (check out the leggings!) on CBC this saturday.

Was great to share this Canadian historical moment with my farm family in Ontario. I’ve only known the Hip for two years but have been lucky enough to see them live and will continue to listen to them religiously.

Since having discovered them, they are always my go-to band. When I would wait for my Canadian visa in the UK or Spain,  I would listen to them and it would help me feel hope that one day I could return to Canada. And I have. So thanks for the support guys 🙂

But it’s not over yet!

I will farm the f*** out of this next week!

(And write about it)

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  1. saarilein says:

    Lettuce farm the f*** out of this week.. It’s gonna be farmtastic..

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