Times, they are-a changing…

It’s now been three + weeks since I’ve arrived here and it feels like I’ve been in this place a century (in a good way).

I’m trying to compare it to my Saskatchewan experience of solitude, “personal growth” – to an extent and peacefulness…

But I can’t.

Used to being an only child and spending a lot of time alone I am now sharing this trailer with my co-worker on the farm and we get on so well, we tend to do most things together – so the solitude is gone. Which I don’t mind, I know it’s temporary and therefore can simply accept and enjoy it. Again, it’s very good that we get along so well!

Perhaps my time alone in the west has made me capable of adapting to this new environment, as getting to know myself better means I can understand my limits and play with my strengths around other people.. blah blah, anyway, it’s fun.

As for the peace… we’ve been so busy! Hence the lack of writing.

Since our first weekend at the local bar, being invited to a festival, hiking in Gatineau park hungover. The following weekend was another music festival (local) and with the same people before going back to the Gatineau Park but this time for a VERY cold swim in freezing water of Meech lake (beautiful!)

 We had a great overnight trip to Kingston (great city, feels very modern with a lot of history – well balanced). The three girls of the farm, my co-worker, my boss (who’s more of a friend now) and myself. We went to watch her cousin’s band ‘Dick Crystal and the IceGods’ Brilliant name! And a brilliant night.

Last weekend we were again, invited to join our new local friends (very proud to have integrated into this community of wonderful people) and go 4-wheeling in Calabogie Provincial park – we had both purchased our tents during the week and were ready to attempt camping. Another beautiful spot. Having never been 4-wheeling either, it was a pretty big adventure. They’re kinda like man-toys to be honest, but having tried it – loved it.

This weekend is another local festival – specifically the Arnprior Stampede. I’m looking forward to it as I do love a good cowboy fest. Hopefully lots of live music (again) and flowing beer. Wonderful.

It seems the enthusiasm for the farm work has diluted through the fun-ness (sure it’s a word) of the weekends. A lot of hours are spent talking about the last weekend and the future weekend plans. It’s great, it really is. But it’s so different to my first part of Canadian Farm Life.

That’s life though I guess, some moments are full of calm and peace and self-caring whereas others are busy and crazy and rushing by.

Living with a busy family of four adds to the speed of life too! Again, very different to my life in a little cabin in the woods of northern Saskatchewan.

Every morning we continue with the farm chores, checking the cows and chickens, checking the freezer and attending to animal needs. Then, once that’s all good, we get back to the garden. The first seeds of vegetables are starting to grow. We had a month without rain which really added to stress as things were looking very very sad. But this week we’ve had rain!!

Cues that you work in a garden…

A) Rain becomes a great thing.

B) Catching yourself looking at other peoples gardens and tutting at the weeds. Hehehehe

So all the veg is growing now! A little less stress in the garden. I look forward to seeing how it all grows.. It quite nice seeing your work come about successfully and physically too!

We may get pigs next week… so that’ll be fun!

At the same time, as much as every weekend is an adventure, the adventure of being alone in the woods and having to chop my own kindling for warmth is so special and exhilarating too.

These are two different types of adventure, both I’m loving. The first (Saskatchewan) was a lot healthier as I drank a lot less beer than this current one – but who’s watching, eh?

And as nice as spending time alone, in comfort and self healing is – again – blah blah.. meeting new people who you can contact with over love of the outdoors or travel or dogs or whatever… can be just as nice. I tend to hermit where possible, so this experience of being out and about socializing is strengthening a different version of myself.

And all inner growth is good, right?

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