Dans Le Beginning…

It looks like I will be blogging from my iPhone as I have very little internet connection out in these woods… Probably shouldn’t be connected at all and ‘at one with nature’ but one realistic step at a time I think. Happy to be placed alone out there but admittedly I have enough weakness that I still need to be connected somehow to the modern world. Even if it’s just by a little colourful button on my phone and the occasional Facebook message.

There is a very high chance I will get out of this a la eye-of-tiger Katie perry-esque all beautiful and sexily torn clothed and yet still gracefully fierce but more realistically I will be a sweaty mess with hair dye in dire need of a touch up and muscles in all the wrong places. image

I may also mate with a wolf and create a perfect wolf human family.

Anyway.. So as I slowly make my blog look pretty and attempt as many posts as I can, probably a few at midnight when I’m convinced the bears are planning an attack from outside my window.. I ask for patience and understanding.

That’s if anyone reads this of course. If anything, this blog is keeping the crazy at bay.